A beautiful 28 year-old Brazilian woman modeled for this signature Aphrodite sculpture. She became my muse, modeling for more than one sculpture. 
 Aphrodite Muse. Side.  This Aphrodite is a fish woman,  a mermaid. Colorful scene inside harkens back to Eve, the Biblical temptress. Adam is seen near the tail looking towards Eve, wondering if she still loves him. 
 Aphrodite Muse.  23 x 13 x 13. Mixed Media-paper, cork, wire, oil, gouache, inks. Base Revolves.   
 Aphrodite Muse. Back   Aphrodite’s energy is pure seeing, pure sensation. I experienced this Greek Goddess as a temptress who is vain, selfish; a priestess who is lusty and full of glamour.
  When Heaven tears away from Earth, (Gaia and Uranus separate) Aphrodite rises from the foam of the sea.
 Aphrodite Muse. Inside detail.  Your Aphrodite element buys your perfume and push-up bras. She is the part of you that chooses not to bring back the pain of childhood to be processed anew.
 Aphrodite Muse. Inside detail.   All things have their back to the female.
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