Ares Breastplate for 19-Year Old Warrior.  Detail front.  Sculpture intends to protect young people from the excesses of war, to transform the experience of violence into one of mercy and compassion.
 Ares Breastplate .  Front. 13 x 23 x 13.  Mixed Media - papers, oil, acrylic, gouache, typewriter on parchment, India inks.    
 Ares Breastplate... Back view.   Sculpture realizes the timelessness of war and gods; of youth and fearlessness; of the love for parents and teachers; of the significance of commemorative art. 
 Ares Breastplate...Detail. Inside Back.  A human scale arrangement of words, posture, colors and past-present design that mirrors our common interior world as it relates to war; fracturing time, embracing the unifying forces of circumstance, culture, and spirituality.
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