We look at people and recognize them by their solid looking face and body. However, we don’t really experience ourselves as particularly solid.  We feel more like an openness or space that pervades and permeates our solid looking head and body. I want to create an experience for art viewers that shares these simultaneous dimensions of form and non-form and I have chosen to explore the breastplate.

Breastplates tie in everything about women, from ancient to modern, and unite contemporary themes of women’s athleticism and strength. A one-piece bathing suit might as well be a Breastplate, a shied used to protect vulnerable body parts, to keep eyes off the “subconscious mind”

The Breastplates I show here, on the webpage, range from my earth- toned early work to colorful recent-work. Each Breastplates has been prepared in the traditional cartapesta technique that I studied and continue to study in Italy. The technique requires me to begin by first casting a plaster impression of a person; I then work my paper inside the mold. After I pull the hardened paper torso out of the mold, I paint, collage, add wax or sometimes attach fabric to the torso.  Even though it is unseen, the back/inside of the torso continues the narrative begun on the front; I write inside each Breastplate.They weigh approximately 3 pounds and average dimensions are 15 x 12 x 5 inches.