Eros. (Cupid" in Roman mythology).   My Eros is blue, the color of the infinite, like a cloudless summer sky, like the skin of a Hindu god that gives form to the formless: love. 
 Eros. Front.  Mixed Media-paper and plaster, oil, gouache, leather, cowhide, feathers, inks, wire. 14 x 29 x 20.   A sculpture about hunting for love; being possessed by a feeling that shakes the soul, loosens the limbs, and clouds judgement. 
 Eros. Back. Cowhide-covered artist book is open on wood base that revolves. Artist book contains love poems. From Rumi:  The minute I heard my first love story/ I started looking for you, not knowing/ how blind that was./ Lovers don't finally meet somewhere,/ they're in each other all along.                                  
 Eros. With Artist.  This is me during the photo shoot. The arrows rest in a leather quiver. Words inside the sculpture ask Eros to reach back for the golden arrow, the arrow whose wound inflicts crazy love, lust and longing. (Not the leaden arrow that inflicts complacent love.)    
 Eros. Surface detail.  Colors of soul break though Eros' blue skin.
 Eros. Inside detail.  Pull back the golden arrow..
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