Hermes Disguised as Ganesha. Front. Mixed Media-hand-made and blotter papers, cork, canvas, gouache, metallic oils, inks. 15 x 24 x 8.  Hermes is patron of travelers and athletes, bringer of sleep and dreams. He is a  trickster and stands at crossroads, holding a coin-filled purse in his hands.
 Hermes, Disguised as Ganesha. Back view with wooden base.  Poem written on back:  On golden sandals, with / Shaply wings over your ears, /  come to me, Trickster. / Come during my sleep. Wedge / Yourself next to my ribs./ Be the landlord of my bed. / Ravish me, / a mere mortal.    
 Hermes Disguised as Ganesha. Detail inside.   Hermes is a mercurial messenger.
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