Vittoria, a noble Roman, was born around 230 AD, during the reign of Emperor Decius. Decius is known for actively reunifying the spiritual fabric of the empire, “making Rome great again,” and restoring patriarchal values. Vittoria’s life parallels the Emperor’s efforts. Her story is archetypal, feminist, and quite fantastical. Vittoria’s imprisonment, her piousness and power is multilayered and personifies principles of the Roman Vestal Virgins, fire, earth and joy as well as defiance of the State and patron ship of the common folk. Components of her situation resonant with the present political time as well as the genre of opposition to oppression.

The webpage slides begin with a photo of the statue of Santa Vittoria that inspired the new work. I found her in a church in Spongano, a small town in Puglia. The slide images go on to show my painting of the saint and then torso casts which become plates for prints.Then a few  prints. The final slide is an image of Vittoria's heart--which she is so readily wanting us to see.

The project results in an installation and book.