Nike. Front. Mixed Media-paper, marble dust, gesso, gouache, inks. 18 x 32 x 10. Base revolves.  T his sculpture is about my daughter, as reflected in the Winged Goddess Nike. Nike awards the winner's wreath and takes her position at the right side of Zeus, in his chariot where she whispers in his ear, urging him to drive the horses faster.
 Nike. Front detail.  The shape is a young woman who is proud and not overtly sexual. The color yellow is willful; materials include marble dust, which is a remnant of the past, embedded in rabbit glue, which imparts speed and cleverness. 
 Nike. Back view.  The inside embraces the full spectrum. Nothing is missing as she sets off on her journey. 
 Nike. Inside Detail.   My daughter was 22 and looking for a job when I began this sculpture. Determined, she sat at the kitchen table every day and sent messages out into the internet miasma; to the gods, so to say. I watched her position herself to move out into the world, to turn her back on me, the mother, Hera, and the home. 
 Nike. Inside Detail.  With Nike beside her, she would surely be victorious, I thought. I made this Nike so she could fly. Be smart and strong. Never give up.
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