In 1480, thirty thousand Turks laid siege to the city of Otranto, Puglia, Italy.
Cannonballs from 1480 Ottoman Invasion. Castle of Otranto Courtyard.
Process: Casting cannonballs in the Castle of Otranto courtyard.
Cannonball Installation on Carpet of Red: History, Existential Questions, Time, Space, Movement, Beware of Sons
Cannonball Imprint: Existential Questions/domande Existensial
Cannonball Imprint: Time
Process: casting War Chronicle Tablets on cannonball from Ottoman Invasion.
Process: First layer of paint on War Chronicle Tablets.
Scott, Gulf War, 1990-91.
Randy Payne and Jerry Lily, Vietnam, 1955-75.
My Father, Aldo, Iwo Jima, WWII, 1945.
Kamikaze, seen my my father, Aldo, WWII, 1944-45.
Hiroshima, WWII, 1945.
My Grandfather, Angelo, WWI, Italy, 1914-1918.
Ottoman Invasion of Otranto, Kidnapped Women,  1480.
Persecution of Decius, Inside St. Agatha's Breast, 250 AD.
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