I’ve been lucky to spend time on a Central American pineapple plantation, and there witnessing the quotidian stages of pineapple planting and harvesting as well as the lifestyles of each class of people involved in growing-to-getting-the-fruit-to-market. The experience is an ever source for stories and visuals. My Pineapple Art, as I like to call it, revolves around a narrative: a self-correcting code descends to earth and enters the food chain via pineapple.

Pineapple becomes the forbidden fruit. Most of my pineapple art features women bodies, women's issues and women's glory.

Adding to it: my father never allowed pineapple in the house when we were growing up. He spent time in a POW camp in the Philippines and while there ate pineapple breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Pineapple Breastplates are Mixed Media ( paper, paint, wax,. wire, fabric) .  The sculptures are named after pineapple variety:.for example, the first slide is Charlotte Rothschild.  Each sculpture has a pineapple story on the back.  This is ongoing project.  I also do pineapple paintings.