YOGI STUPA is a multi-sensory installation, akin to standing inside a Buddhist stupa. The installation gives expression to the inescapable adventure of human mutuality and is an offering,  an antidote to violence, and an observation of breath which is life.

The installation begins with a series of frontal torsos of American yogi arranged in rows--as in a stupa--around the circumference of the gallery. A few of the yogi plaster casts are gently highlighted with ritual colors from India. Each male and female sculpture, because of their nakedness, vulnerability, dignity and posturing,  exposes the inner body energy patterns, which are visible on the sculpture surfaces. Yoga practice relies on understanding the power and control of breath; evidence of the breath is observable in the wide sternums and flexibie ribcages of the sculptures. Consequently, as a grouping, the sculptures reveal life, breath and presence. The shared common physicality opens the door to a way-of-being in the world that is neither digital nor scientific but humanistic.

The choice of materials and presentation weave together ancient and modern, East and West. The accompanying audio of breath and breathing pulls together the movement of life through time and space, creating an aura of fullness and joy. The installation becomes the collective heart of an ongoing crisscross of lifetimes, cultures, and future generations.