Each sculpture is realized from torso-imprints of Yoga teachers. When I cast the teachers, I ask them to enter savasana, an asana of relaxation, and allow the essence of their practice, their calmness, and most importantly their breath to penetrate into the plaster. I then transfer their essence into the sculpture. The intention is to use the breath of a present-day practitioners to pierce time; to relate the present to the past via a practice. West and East intersect; materials and traditions connect.

Individually the sculptures pay homage to the classical statuary of ancient Greece; to the French sculptor Rodin who when asked why his sculpture didn't have a head answered, "No need for a head. The head is everywhere."; and to B.S.K. Iyengar who says, "In Yoga there is an integration of body with mind, mind with the consciousness, and consciousness with intelligence itself."

As an artist I was looking to archive the imprint of a practiced breath on the human body. What surprised me was finding patterns on the surface of each torso, formed by hair growth and skin configurations. After casting a hundred people, I believe these patterns are like fingerprints and are results of life events, trauma, age. Some skin patterns swept from right to left; some bodies had scars visible on the body cast but not to the eye. A few revealed a fountain pattern that connected heart to navel. Looking at the images closely you may see the patterns.

This is an ongoing project.  If you are a yoga teacher and are interested in talking about the project, or participating, please contact me.