I cast the frontal torsos of hundreds of yoga teachers. As an artist I was looking to archive the imprint of a practiced breath on the human body.

Atman Catching

How to Atman Catch (video)

Removing torso sculpture from pod

The casting process results in a pod. After the pod is completely dry, I fill it with several layers of plaster. The next day I lift the source sculpture from the pod by gently tapping around the edges of the pod.

Lifting torso sculpture out of pod

The next step is releasing the plaster source from the pod. It’s very much like printmaking, lifting paper off the plate to discover what you caught.

Revealing work

When the sculpture source is free from the pod, I begin to see the shapes and edges that I’ll exaggerate and enhance.

Refinement Begins

If you are interested in participating as a pod model, please contact me.