Bridge of Love: a story of young love, immigration, family, hope
non-fiction/ art book
softcover, 9x7 inches, 120 pages

This book was a labor of love that took me ten years to finish. It's a story that I was meant to tell because I have carried bits and pieces of it in my soul from the day I was born and will continue to carry its people in my memory.

Bridge of Love contains the correspondence, in original Italian (Tuscan dialect) with side-by-side English translation, between young sweethearts--my grandmother, Pia Biondi, and grandfather, Angiolino Palamidessi.

Recently discharged from the Italian Army, Angiolino left Tuscany in December 1919 to find work in the coal mines of Western Pennsylvania. During the next year, he wrote nearly weekly, affectionate letters to Pia and she wrote to him. The letters chronicle the young couple's courtship as well as the anxiety of young love, the economic chaos and food shortages in Italy, small town gossip and family conflicts. Pia finally emigrated in December 2020 and joined Angiolino in the 'New World.'

The book contains 30 pages of collage cut from family photos, journals and art produced in Post World War I Italy. The remaining pages contain the letters with photos of rarely seen emigration documents.

It was a joy to put together this book for my cousins and their children as well as for aficionados of Italian and Italian American studies.

SweetCake cover
Monoprints and text, 14 pages
18x12 inches

This artist book is based on the ancient Mesopotamian goddess Inanna, also known as Ishtar. Original work; one-of-a-kind.

SweetCake, pages 3 & 4

The terracotta image I saw of her in the Louvre was one of many made from a mold that was originally used to bake ritual sweet cakes. I have since made many hundreds of monotypes of the goddess, from my own 'print mold.'

SweetCake, pages 7 & 8

I chose 12 original monotypes for this book. Text from rock’n roll love songs embellish each print, marrying contemporary words to the ancient goddess.

The Sperlonga Story
Mixed media,6 page puzzle book
6- 9.5 x 9.5 archival prints in 10x 10 inch blue envelope

A farewell to childhood book.

My daughter and I spent a beautiful summer month in Italy. She was 13 years-old--and the only redhead in Sperlonga, a beach town south of Rome. It was an affectionate time for us, since she was still a child yet a bit of a teenager and didn't mind me holding her in my arms in the sea like a baby while I, the mother, quietly and symbolically baptized her into the next phase of her life.

THE SPERLONGA STORY is an interactive book. The colorful collaged and hand-printed pages are meant to be shuffled and arranged on a table to read the story.

Heavenly Arm Octopus
Woodcut prints, stitching & text
5x17 inches

A fold-open, long book made from strips of wood block prints sewn together and illuminated with text from Lou Reed's song "Heavenly Arms."

Otranto Journal
Pennsylvania English

Cover art of literary journal (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) features detail of my stitched monotype, Jael Kills Sisera.



Cover art for literary journal (University of Las Vegas) features a photograph of my Vestal Virgin Skin.



Cover art for literary journal (Fairmount University, West Virginia) features detail of my stitched monotype, Last Days of Pompeii.

The Virgin Knows (novel)
1995 & 2008
St Martin's Press
collectable hard-cover, signed by author

Art theft-sibling rivalry novel, hardcover and paperback.

"...a comic opera involving Vatican smuggling, fraternal twins, soul travel, virginity, sex and money."

The Fiddle Case (novel)
Gate Press
paperback, signed by the author

Coming-of-age novel about friendship, healing, and abandonment, set in the lively folk music scene of the early 70s.

American Women Italian Style (non-fiction)
Forham University Press

Compilation editor, with Carol Albright. Available from Fordham Press or online from Amazon.