Curriculum Vitae

Christine Palamidessi’s sculptures and paintings are held in homes of private collectiors in Italy, US, Dominican Republic and Brazil. Her work has been exhibited in galleries in Boston, Washington D.C., Pittsburgh, Woodstock, Vermont, England and Italy; and in Boston’s State House. Her memoir “Grandmothers” is engraved on granite monolith installed at Jackson Square in Boston. She is the author of two novels, one memoir, and a collection of fiction and academic writing. She is the fiction editor of the academic journal Italian Americana. Palamidessi works and resides in Cambridge, MA.


BA in Film and Literature, University of Pittsburgh, 1973.
in Creative Writing, Boston University, 1995.
Hands-on study with mask-making, ceramic and cartapesta artisans in Venice, Rome, Tricase, and Lecce, Italy (1990, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017


American Academy in Rome, Visiting Artist and Scholar, May 2017.
MASS MoCA, North Adams, MA, 2017.
ACCM Residency, Palace Bacile di Castiglione, Spongano, Italy, 2015.
BAU, Otranto, 2014.
Dorset House, Dorset, VT, 1992, 1994, 1996, 1998.


1998 Dante Alighieri Fellowship (study in Rome)

1996 Barbara Deming Award for Women Artists

1995 UrbanArts Award (public art)


Grandmothers, 8ft granite monolith permanently installed at Jackson Square, Boston, MA.


2021 The Future Has an Ancient Face, Galatea Fine Art, Boston

2021 Sensations of Soaring, Atlantic Works Gallery, Boston, MA.

2020 Icons & Talismans, Galatea Fine Arts, Boston, MA.

2019 Wabi Sabi, Atlantic Works Gallery, Boston, MA.

2017 Silent.Silence.Silenced, Atlantic Works Gallery, Boston, MA

2017 Inside Outside, Kathryn Schultz Gallery, Cambridge, MA

2016 Yogi Stupa, Atlantic Works Gallery, Boston.

2014 Episodes of Violence, Otranto Castle, Otranto, Italy.

2014 The Brazilians, West Side Lounge, Cambridge, MA.


2021 Women in Abstraction, curated by Destiny Palmer, New Art Center, Newton, MA

2020 Art Woman:Geo-Graphies, Culture and Contemporary Art Gallery, Lecce, Italy.
2019 This is How It Starts, Kathryn Schultz Gallery, Cambridge, MA

2018 Prometheus Lights, Boston East Gallery, Boston, MA.

2018 Between the Seams, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL.

2017 Visionary Art Show, Palazzo Vernazza Castromediano, Lecce, Italy.

2017 Wings, Beaks, Feathers, ArtScape, W. Concord, MA.

2017 Escape, Annemarie Sculpture Garden (Smithsonian Museum affiliate), Solomons, MD.

2016 Drawn from Within, Chandler Gallery, Cambridge, MA .
2016 boXed, Nave Gallery, Somerville MA.

2016 Self-ish, University Gallery, Cambridge, MA.
2015 Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.
2015 New England Collective VI, Galatea Gallery, Boston, MA.

2015 Kathryn Schultz Gallery, Cambridge, MA.

2015 University Place Gallery, Cambridge, MA.

2015 Unbound Vol V, Artistree, Woodstock, VT.

2015 Doppelganger, Atlantic Works Gallery, Boston, MA.

2015 Annemarie Sculpture Garden (Smithsonian Museum affiliate), Solomons, MD.
2015 Palazzo Bacile di Castiglione, Spongano, Salento, Italy.

2015 National Salon des Refusés, Whatcom Museum, Bellingham, WI.

2015 Spring Bull Gallery, Newport, RI. (Honorable Mention)

2014 Figure50, Massachusetts Artists (online curated exhibit of 50 US figurative artists).
2014 Unbound Vol IV, Artistree, Woodstock, VT.

2014 New England Collective V, Galatea Gallery, Boston, MA.

2014 Annemarie Sculpture Garden (Smithsonian Museum affiliate), Solomons, MD.
2014 Piano Craft Gallery, Boston, MA.

2014 Alpers Fine Art, Andover, MA.

2013 New England Collective IV, Galatea Gallery, Boston, MA.

2013 Boston State House, Boston, MA.

2012 Boston State House, Boston, MA.

2012 Gallery on Main Street, Saxonburg, PA.

2012 North River Gallery, Marshfield, MA.

2011 Boston State House, Boston, MA.


Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Boston MA


Les Femme Folles: Women in Art, February 2016

Art as A Spiritual Practice, Spirit of Change Magazine, 2016


Bridge of Love, Artist Book, Christine Palamidessi, 2021

The Virgin Knows - St.Martin’s Press, 1995; GATE Press 2010; Kindle 2013

The Fiddle Case - IAP 2007; GATE Press, 2010, Kindle, 2008

American Women, Italian Style - Fordham University Press, 2010

2018 Art Basil, cookbook featuring art and artist recipes
2017 About Otranto Cannonballs: Silence, Violence and Subsequent Art (artist book)
2017 Pennsylvania English, University of Indiana, PA (national literary journal/cover art)
2017 Interim, Las Vegas University, NV (national literary journal /cover art).
2015 Unbound Vol V, Artistree, Woodstock, VT. (sculptural book).

2014 Unbound Vol IV, Artistree, Woodstock, VT. (sculptural book)

2020 Clip Art Gallery, East Boston, Reflections


2018-Present - Writing for Artists Workshops, facilitator and instructor

1995-2008 Boston University, College of Arts and Sciences, Professor of Writing