Burning Manhood
Boston East: Present Tense

Six-month Inaugural Show, curated by Marjorie Kaye.  Opening September 24, 2019.

ClipArt Gallery 65 Lewis Street East Boston, MA 02128

                           "Laced Vest"  by Christine Palamidessi, 20 x 16 x 5 inches, $1000.

East Boston: Present tense

                           ClipArt Gallery 65 Lewis Street East Boston, MA 02128

   Six Month Inaugural Exhibition of new waterfront gallery Opens September 24, 2019.

                                              "Laced Vest" Christine Palamidessi

Friends With...

July 8-August 24, 2019 ( opening reception August 15, 6-9 pm)

Atlantic Works Gallery, Boston

Chris Corner Installation

Painting "Cool Water (Quinn)" , Crissie Murphy; "Beating Heart in a Jar", Christina Balch; Wall Sculpture "Kundalini", Christine Palamidessi.

Friends With...

July 8-August 24, 2019  ( opening reception July 15, 6-9 pm)

Atlantic Works Gallery

80 Border Street

Boston MA

Installation wall. within the show..."chris. etc."

Painting "Cool Water (Quinn)," Chrissie Murphy; Wall Sculpture "Kundalini," Christine Palamidessi; "Beating Heart in a Jar," Christina Balch.


Christine Palamidessi and Bohuslav Petran

February 9-March 2, 2019

Atlantic Works Gallery, Boston

Artists Christine Palamidessi and Bo Petran stir-up Wabi-Sabi in Boston. The quintessential Japanese aesthetic--irregular, intimate, unpretentious, earthy, murky, simple--meets the artists own Italian and Czech sensibilities. What results is a flowing visual umami tempered with classical beauty, existential grace and two zen gardens. 

Opening Night, February 9, 2019

Photo Shoot with George Bouret

This is how it starts

February 7-27, 2019

Kathryn Schultz Gallery

25 Lowell Street

Cambridge, MA

Juried by Martha Wakefield

OTRANTO Journal, 2014 A colorful, emotional and intellectual chronicle of an artist in residency. Christine Palamidessi’s sketchbook, from one month in Puglia, Italy, brings together the fantastical, sites the mythical, and adores nature. We see drawings-- a woman fainting from dancing the tarantella, Pope Vincent deboarding in Fiumicino, artists picking black olives--interwoven into an artist’s plans for her exposition. An impressive presentation on tan-colored paper with watercolor, pencil, ink and collage.


This is how it starts is an exhibition of sketchbook. For some artists, the sketchbook serves as a warm-up to their studio practice; for others, it is a place to record explorations and capture new ideas. For others, there is no sketchbook but preparatory drawings or painting. And, there is the digital sketchbook – the iPad.

Drawn from Within

December 13-January 4, 2019

Fay Chandler Gallery

20 Sacramento Street

Cambridge, MA 02138

More Than One Season to Celebrate Women, 2018

monotype diptych (Sumerian goddess Ishtar with rock n’roll text)

$1000 framed



Want expert help writing your artist statement?

Attendees of this two-part workshop will end up with a succinct Artist Statement that can be used on their website, as well as for gallery, grant and residency submissions. Attendees will work collectively, receiving back-and-forth feedback from other artists in the workshop, to define and crystalize the emotion and intent of their work. There will be editing homework between sessions. You'll be doing independent work as well (with guided editing homework between sessions).

Attendees are asked to bring their laptops to the workshop. Free wifi is available.

About the instructor: Christine Palamidessi is an award-winning artist and professional writer who understands the visual-verbal conundrum artists may experience when confronting words and defining their work. She is author of two novels, a book editor and was Professor of Writing at Boston University for 13 years before resuming her career as a visual artist. In 2017, she was a Visiting Artist at both The American Academy in Rome, and at Mass MoCA.

Palamidessi, who also has a degree in filmmaking, began her writing career in New York, where she covered the emerging video and independent film scene for the Village Voice, Interview and New Woman magazines and hung out with artists such as Basquiat, Warhol and Emile de Antonio. She earned a MA at the well-known Boston University Creative Writing program where she studied with Leslie Epstein, Sue Miller and Aharon Appelfeld.

She believes the writing process is less primal that the visual art process, and because of her practice and experience in both fields, she has keen insight into how a visual artist’s mind works. 

Interview: Boston Voyager Magazine

Today we’d like to introduce you to Christine Palamidessi.

Christine, please kick things off for us by telling us about yourself and your journey so far.

I don’t know if artists’ stories are unique because one thing we all have in common is knowing that we are artists by the time we are 4 or 5-years old. Considering the opportunities that come our way, our families, and where we happen to be born…. it’s a blessing to be a person who is actually not only determined but also lucky enough to follow through and realize her talent and particular gifts. How many times do we meet lawyers who say, “I really wanted to be a writer, I started a novel but haven’t finished it yet,” or hear dentists say, “All my friends said I could have been a great sculptor.”

- Boston Voyager Magazine

Read the interview here

Inside Outside
FEBRUARY 3- 24, 2017
On view: the installation "Science: The Light Within US." Featuring Prometheus Lights-#1, #2, #3, and #4 and Pandora Light.

This sale is particularly wonderful for me: the work goes to Dominican collector who had purchased a painting several years ago. She says, "it is an honor to have my work in her house."

Terra Madres: Lionness and Moon is a twin sculpture, that re-mythologizes both the fierceness and comfort qualities of mothers. I incorporated imagery of earth, for sure, to root the story, as well as a visual expression of volcanic explosion tempered by streams of blue water, watchful luminescence, real gold (to emphasize value--both familial and commercial) nurturance, and stability. In addition, it so often feels as if we each have more than two mothers: the unconditionally accepting one and the mother that pushes us forward into the world and away from home. I created these twins, stamped from the same mold of love, to bring forward the story of motherly, earth-bound power.

So happy it has found a home with a savvy woman who is both a lion and moon mother.

Interim: 35.2  THE BODY ISSUE

Vestal Virgin Vest #1

In this issue, you’ll find work where writing and bodies intersect, as well as work that asks questions about what it means to be a/some/any body in an increasingly dematerialized world. Speaking on behalf of everyone at Interim, I’m happy to present fierce and fearless work from writers and artists from all over the world. I believe all of the work gathered in this issue answer questions regarding Being by challenging and expanding how the body is understood by those alive in this era. We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we do.

Autumn Widdoes, Curator INTERIM 35.2

Photo info: Collapsed sculpture, stitched with silk and linen, inlaid with gold and copper

The Revolution Will Not Be…
Empty Necklace

Mixed Media- paper, text, woodblock print, cotton thread, wire, tubing, pins, pastel & LEDs
(price on request)

Christine Palamidessi

Atlantic Works Gallery
East Boston, MA
May 1- 28, 2018

A dilemma for an artist is how to make art out of information that most of us would rather ignore. This May, at Atlantic Works Gallery, leading Boston Artists focus on the political character and power of art. Their honest, intimate and visceral work is both personal and historical, with surprising juxtapositioning of images, such as the high color guillotine next to a headless nude besieged by digital gadgets. The collection reveals the mechanisms of power in all its manifestations with the intent to impact the viewer into being an active participant in the information circuit.

"At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that
the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling
of love.”
.....Che Guevara
Exhibition: Between the Seams

Gael Kills Sisera (detail), 2018, Stitched monoprint

Christine Palamidessi

Woman Made Gallery

2150 S Canalport , Chicago, IL 60608
January 19, 2018 to February 10, 2018
Juror: Nnenna Okore

Exhibition of work by 35 artists who explore the concept of cloth through broad definition and use of materials. Included in the exhibition are intricate works in a variety of media from cotton, wool and bark cloth, jacquard weaving, steel and woven fiber to soft sculpture by artists from across the US and from overseas: Enee Abelman; Beizar Aradini; Chellis Baird; Emily Bennett; Hannah Bennett; Jenna Boyles; Chanel Chronicles; Yuling Chuang; Ashley Colbert; Gabe Duggan; Beatriz Herce-Hagiwara; Emily Hoxworth; Ann Johnson; Noel Kassewitz; Ruth Keitz; Neah Kelly; LaVerne Kemp; Lialia Kuchma; Dorrie Lane; Jiachen Liu; Luis Mejico; Anne Mondro; Laura Mongiovi; Abena Motaboli; Sheila Nakitende; Christine Palamidessi; Elizabeth Rhoads Read; Gina Robbins; Priscilla Roggenkamp; Julie Sirek; Hope Wang; Juliann Wang; Jade Williams; Alex Younger and Luba Zygarewicz.
Chandler Gallery
Shall I Freeze My Eggs?, 2018, Mixed Media Sculpture - wood block, foam sheet, safety screen, child’s clay, seamstress pins

Christine Palamidessi

Chandler Gallery

20 Sacramento Street Cambridge, MA 02138

Personal Geographies
Small Works Salon 2018
Juror: Heidi Whitman
Dates: March 26-April 20, 2018 Reception: Thursday, April 5 6:00 pm-8:00 pm

“Shall I Freeze My Eggs?” is a visual commentary on the precipitous decline in American fertility, a clock, as well as a game-board from which can hatch the sea and the sky, light and darkness, gravitational singularity and the Big Bang. The question begged is: can all things be born by science and without the male and female taking time to pair up? A pinned butterfly without wings.

Thin Places

Yoga, Buddha, Jesus, 2018, mixed media installation

Christine Palamidessi, Invited Artist

Atlantic Works Gallery
East Boston, MA
March 3, 2018 through March 30, 2018

In Thin Places, we are divested of the illusion that our mundane world is wholly separate from the world of the invisible. The phrase is Celtic in origin and unlike similar concepts of oneness with the divine from other cultures, it refers to a physical location where we can peek through to a greater beyond.

Yoga, Buddha, Jesus collapses the space between heaven and earth where we find the rush of God, of the divine, of our center line. I experience this bliss in my body--in the practice of yoga, in prayer and during quiet contemplation. The pineapple, both a symbol that welcomes and joins people, begins as hundreds of flowers that join together to make fruit.

Art Basil Boston

Female Suicide Vests, 2017, Monoprint with pastel, drawing & color pencil

Christine Palamidessi

Atlantic Works Gallery
East Boston, MA
January 12 – 27, 2018

Historical perspective of both ancient and modern women who have strapped on explosive vests, either by coercion or choice, and who were either honored or forgotten by their causes.
Made at Mass MoCa, 2017 Visiting Artist residency.

Exhibition: Atlantic Works Gallery

Exhibition in November 2017 at Atlantic Works Gallery, Boston. Installation of castings of actual cannonballs used by the Ottomans during the 1480 seige of Italy.

"Silent. Silence. Silenced", at Atlantic Works Gallery, pits the duality of quietude vs. inquietude within a provocative month-long show that is likely to stir up some controversy.

Exploring the particulars of silence, Boston artists Charlene Liska and Christine Palamidessi slide between sound made visible and the unquiet silence of nature; between the shrouding of a spokesperson and the aftershock of decapitated explosives. Each artist takes a different approach while working together to consider both the existential character of silence as well as the modes-of-being that cause us to remain or appreciate the silent, whether we have been made speechless by regime or silenced by awe.

 - Atlantic Works Gallery

Exhibition information

Virtual tour

Read about the seige

Exhibition: Yogi Stupa / A Crack In The Mirror

Yogi Stupa / A Crack In The Mirror
Works by Christine Palamidessi and Walter Kopec

Atlantic Works Gallery

March 3-26, 2016

Christine Palamidessiʼs Yogi Stupa recreates the inside of a Buddhist shrine: rows and rows of repeated images; in this case, plaster simulacrums of Yoga teacher chests and torsos. The installation is inspired by the artistʼs yoga practice and her visit to The Great Stupa in Clement Town, India, that was constructed by Tibetan monks as a place for people to go to pray for world peace.

- Atlantic Works Gallery

Exhibition information

Interview: Les Femmes Folles
As artist CHRISTINE PALAMIDESSI prepares for two exhibits at Atlantic Works, a East Boston gallery, Coeli:Breastplates in February 2016, and Yogi Stupa in March 2016. She shares with LFF about how she got into art and writing, her various inspirations and process, feminism, her wish for art and more…

- Les Femmes Folles

Read the full interview