Sensations of Soaring

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Process images

How to make printing template from paper sculpture.

First, make the sculpture.

Using paper and organic glues, I work inside a plaster pod. You can see a trio of these pods, on the exhibition page.

Flatten the sculpture

Run the 3D paper sculptures in a printing press, on the bed and under the drum three or four times to get it really flat. For less flat design purposes, I use my car to roll over a sculpture nestled between sheets of plywood. I have also pounced upon the sculptures in my studio using my feet.

After flattening and before inking I seal the paper template so as to provide longevity.

Ink the paper template

I use Akua soy-based inks and 18-inch rubber brayers to apply multiple colors to the template before running it through the press onto white paper.

Here you see an already inked-and-printed template.

On Sensations of Soaring Exhibition page you can see several of the beautiful prints I have made using this process.

Now for Some Fun: Britt Ekland's Post-Fellini Leopard Print Bathing Suit
Mixed (paper, plaster, hardening agents, gouache)
4 x 2 inches

One swim suit from my ongoing, collectable miniature bathing suit series.